Complaint Profile

Every complaint has a profile page in which we can Track Down all the information about the complaints. E.g.

Zone (Assigned Zone)

Area (Assigned Area)

Sector (Assigned Sector)

Colony (Assigned Colony)

Building (Assigned Building)

Customer (Customer Name)

Skillman (Assigned Skillman by Supervisor)

Supervisor (Assigned Supervisor as per Complaint Category)

Time Started (Starting Time of Complaints when it launched)

Time Reported (When Skillman reach to location and click Check In) Time Completed (When Skillman or Complaint Close or mark it completed)

Chat notes (Here All Entities in complaint can update about complaint progress)

Uploaded Pictures (Customer or Skillman can Upload Before/After Pictures) Requested Store (Store Requested by Skillman or Customer)

Assigned Store (Approved Store items list) Rating (Customer 1-5 Star Rating) Feedback (Customer Feedback about complaint)