System Hierarchy

Country, Zone, Area, Sector, Colony, Building/House.

A) Country

Country login have all zones data and this login can track down all system hierarchy from there dashboards.

B) Zone

Zone have all data of areas and zone cannot access Country etc. Zone can view all data through there dashboards of Areas and downline.

C) Area

Area can supervise and can access there sectors and all data from its downline.

D) Sector

Sector level can access all data of colonies and know perform all actions given to colonies, building stores etc.

E) Colony

Colony role can view all Building and houses data and can supervise customers and properties addition/deletion.

F) Building/House

Building and houses belongs to Occupants/tenants/customers of the business so when we create property we can assign our occupants to specific property.

Roles Flow Diagram
Select Role Screen